How To Profit With Boot Camps

“Finally, You Can Stop Scratching Your Head Wondering How To Organize, Market And Sell Amazing Fitness Boot Camps Packed With Clients Who Can’t Wait To Start The Next One!”

“Want To Discover How You Can Quickly And Easily Take Advantage Of This Incredibly Lucrative Fitness Revenue Stream?”

Dear Fellow Fitness Professional,

Have you always wondered how all those other trainers start fitness boot camps? I mean, seriously, doesn’t it seem like a ridiculous amount of work? Sure it can be profitable, but where the heck do they find all those people to enroll?

Have you also wondered how you could hold indoor boot camps? Perhaps you’re unsure how to go about getting permission to hold yours in public? What about insurance? Which exercises do you include and which do you exclude in a group setting? And how in the world do you go about supervising all those clients at the same time?

Would you like to learn the answers to those questions and more in only a couple of hours?

My name is Jim Labadie. You can reach me at my office in Tampa, FL at (813) 949-0112. Whether you’re brand new to the fitness industry, or you’ve been in it for years, I can help you. I’ve created numerous products that have helped fitness professionals all over the world increase their income by thousands and thousands of dollars per month. This latest creation is 100% guaranteed to teach you absolutely everything you need to know about running your very own super-profitable fitness boot camps.

I must admit, running a Gold Coast boot camp is not my specialty. However, my good friend Dave Phillips, who owns Big Fitness here in the Gold Coast is THE expert on the subject. After pleading with Phil to give up the goods for months he finally relented. In fact, it wasn’t that Phil wasn’t willing to share. No, no. It was the fact that he’s so busy running his own fitness boot camps inside and outside of his elite personal training studio.

Believe me, Phil didn’t hold back one bit. He gave it ALL up. And just like he told me, while there are very legitimate secrets to his success, getting your own profitable boot camp will be much easier than you ever thought possible! If you’d rather try everything on your own be my guest. If you’d like to make all the mistakes and go through all the trial and error yourself I’d understand completely. Some people like to suffer. Personally, I’d rather have someone show me step-by-step how to turn my knowledge of fitness into big bucks in just a couple of hours. But hey, that’s just me.

Want to know just how easy it is?

Here’s what you will discover in what will most certainly be some of  the most productive hours of your life: 

  • How you should use referrals to have every bootcamp you run packed with participants
  • Tons of marketing ideas – including Phil’s secret NO-COST weapon that will leave you scratching your head wondering, “why didn’t I ever think of that?!”
  • Amazing joint venture opportunities that will make your life easy and your camp super profitable.How you can obtain obscene amounts of FREE publicity for your boot camps so everyone in your area knows it’s THE place to go to get fit.
  • All the safety precautions you need to know about to keep your participants happy, healthy and successful
  • EXACTLY how you should be pricing your camp so it is as profitable as possible
  • How you can run your camp BOTH indoors and outdoors
  • Why you MUST limit your camp to a certain size and exactly how big it can be
  • How you can market and run a Dangerously Fit Boot Camp for very specific niches
  • Which exercises you should include and which ones you should NEVER even think of incorporating
  • Which days and times that work best for maximum participation and profit (PLUS, when NOT to hold one!)
  • Location secrets: How to find the perfect place to hold your fitness camp AND learn the one thing you’d never think to look for that could ruin your camp
  • Discover who you need to speak to in your local government to make sure you can take advantage of public facilities (and how to get them for FREE!)
  • EXACTLY what type of insurance you MUST have
  • Camp creation secrets: How many weeks; how many minutes each session should be and intensity levels
  • How you can make the camp extraordinarily fun so all your participants rave about it (AND you!)
  • How you should handle the fitness assessment situation when dealing with a very large group
  • How you coach those who are deconditioned/ less athletic than others in the camp so everyone gets the most benefit possible
  • You’ll save a fortune on equipment because you’ll learn exactly what you do and don’t need 
  • How you should prepare for each session so ever single one of them goes off without a hitch
  • Exactly what each participant needs to bring with THEM for each class
  • What you MUST include in your first aid kit
  • How you should design your programs for optimal results and maximum safety
  • How and when to incorporate core conditioning 
  • How you keep participants motivated
  • And much, much more…Make no mistake about it, this is a turn-key solution. Every single thing you need to know to get started immediately is included. EVERYTHING. This information will save you untold hours of headaches and trial and error. Look at it this way – how much is one hour of your time worth? How many hours do you think it would take you to learn the same things as a person who has years of experience doing exactly what it is that you are scratching your head trying to figure out?