Boot Camp Workout 1

Mortdale Madness – Strength

Kit: White Board, Cones, BR, MB, KB, DB,

Split group in to pairs
10 reps each exercise

3 stations, 3 exercises, 4 mins per station with 30 seconds rest
Partner A does Amsap
Partner B does cardio…
…then comes back and tags partner A (relay).

Station 1: KB Station

Squat press
Walking Swings

Station 2: DB Station

Push up into squat thrust and row
Alternating shoulder press
0ne arm sit up and twist

Station 3: MB Station

Lunge & twist
Pocket knife with MB between knees
Squat thrust To squat throw and catch


Set 1: Run battling rope overhead to water and back
Set 2: Bear crawl x 25m ->  Bunny hops x 25m -> Duck walk x 25m (sprint back)
Set 3: Sprint to water and back x 2